Wheelchair/Computer Giveaway

Learn how you can get a new wheelchair and/or a refurbished computer for FREE!

Developing Relationships

Disabilities are as diverse as the people who have them. There are programs and services available to help you live free from dependence on other people.  Explore this website to learn how you can live more independently…and with dignity!

Building Independence

Independence means different things to different people.  Suncoast Center for Independent Living is here to provide the tools and guidance you need to live the way you want and to connect with people who understand the issues you are facing.

Transition Center

SCIL will help you face the day to day challenges of living with a disability.  Services are provided free of charge (based on eligibility) so you can get what you need, when you need it.


    Suncoast Center for Independent Living administrators and staff members remain deeply committed to working with our consumers during this national emergency. While we are considered an essential business under Governor DeSantis’ order, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and consumers. As such, our office is open but our staff is working remotely and continues to be available by phone and email. Our in-house classes, support groups, equipment delivery and donations have been postponed until further notice. Please, take every precaution for your wellness. We will get through this! If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, please call 941-351-9545


    SCIL knows that you are not your disability. By focusing on your abilities and providing resources to offset your disability, SCIL hopes to empower you to be independent and live life on your terms. We offer programs that support employment, economic self-sufficiency, independence and inclusion in your community.

    How We Help

    Our goal is simple: to help you get what you need to live independently and with dignity. Our services are offered free of charge to residents of Sarasota and Manatee counties, regardless of age, education, or disability. If you have a disability, we want to help.



    SCIL provides you and your family guidance when faced with challenges to access support systems, benefits and services. Let us help you speak up and be heard.

    Information & Referral

    SCIL provides information about community resources that can help you accomplish your personal goals, including acquiring and learning to use assistive technology, understanding and signing up for medical benefits and Social Security and housing information.

    Peer Mentoring

    No one knows what living with a disability is like better than another person who lives with a disability. SCIL's Peer Mentoring Program enables you to interact with staff who understand the challenges you face and can help you strategize how best to deal with them.

    Support & Resources

    SCIL offers support by connecting you to other people and organizations that understand and can help. By coordinating resources and connecting to others, you can make sure living with a disability is not an isolating experience.


    Empowering People with Disabilities to Independence


    Transition Programs for Adults & Youth

    Independence means knowing how to take care of yourself and the demands of life. To help with these challenges, SCIL offers several basic and advance courses.

    Computer Equipment Loan

    SCIL loans refurbished computers and other computer-related components to people with disabilities

    Portable Modular Ramps

    Being able to get in and out of your home safely is necessary to live an independent life. SCIL builds portable modular wheelchair ramps at your home to allow easier access.

    Medical Equipment Loans

    If you lack the financial income or insurance to cover the cost of purchase, SCIL will loan you durable medical equipment on a long- or short-term basis. Equipment includes grab bars, reachers, bed rails, transfer beaches, and much more.

    Emergency Special Needs

    When an emergency arises, you need help immediately! SCIL can provide access to vital equipment such as manual and power wheelchairs, walkers, and lift chairs.

    Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (FTRI)

    Communication is an important part of life and a disability shouldn't stop that. Working with FTRI, SCIL provides special phones at no charge.


    Expand and strengthen independent living services to create a fully inclusive society


    • William’s Success Story

      On his birthday, William received a gift that people often take for granted. No, it wasn’t a new car, clothes, or even a vacation. He received the gift of independence through the installation of a new wheelchair ramp for his ...

    • Carlos’ Success Story

      One of our consumers, Carlos’ mother recently called us to thank us for the transformation in her son’s life. Prior to enrolling in the SCIL Transition Center, Carlos spent his days watching television and playing video games. His life found ...

    • Alfredo’s Success Story

      Alfredo’s initial contact with Suncoast Center for Independent Living was via our Mobility Program in search of medical equipment. After receiving his medical equipment, he learned about the SCIL Transition Program. Alfredo expressed interest in the computer skills classes offered ...