C.S. is Thankful

C.S is a 33-year-old male with a Brain Injury and Diabetes. C.S main income resource is his S.S benefits, however, due to today’s inflation has been hard for him to follow his special diet. C.S is a regular consumer of SCIL who continues to identify new goals to help him maintain his independence. C.S needed help with healthy foods for sustainability. SCIL in partnership with All Faith Food have been providing food delivery to C.S for the last year and a half. Recently, C.S moved to a new place with a family member, and he does not need food donations any longer.

C.S thanked SCIL for all these times of food delivery services.


With all of our Services and Programs, written requests for accommodations, as required under the ADA, must be made within a minimum of  five days in advance to SCIL’s office.

Applying for Board Membership

SCIL welcomes new board members who bring a broad range of skill sets and with a passion for helping others. Click the link below to obtain a board application and email to ProgramDirector@SCIL4U.org for consideration. SCIL Board Application