Connecting to People

SCIL loans refurbished computers and other computer-related components to people with disabilities. Click to learn more.

Transition Programs
Independence means knowing how to take care of yourself and the demands of life. To help with these challenges, SCIL offers several basic and advance courses in Health and Wellness, Life Math and Budgeting, Household Skills and Computer Skills Class. SCIL also offers a specialized program for youth aged 16-22. Click to learn more.

Peer Mentoring
SCIL’s Peer Mentoring Program offers persons with disabilities the opportunity to interact with peers. Sharing ideas, experiences and difficulties while obtaining practical advice through one-on-one support group activities that promote positive living with a disability.

Support Groups

  • Acquired Disability Group
  • Brain Injury Support Group
  • Support Groups for Men with Disabilities
  • Support Groups for Women with Disabilities