How Technology Can Help You Overcome Disability in the Working World

As the availability of convenient technology increases, it’s become possible for many types of individuals with disabilities to enjoy life to the fullest. In many cases, this means allowing people to participate in the working world in ways that they might normally not have been able to. Whether this means something like making it easier to walk around and get from place to place or simply enabling communication between customer and client, there are a ton of ways that modern technology can help you make the most out of your chosen career.

What’s more is that certain types of tech can even overcome some moderately severe impairments, at this point. Advances in things like eye-tracking software have made it possible for individuals to speak in full sentences without literally lifting a finger, while stair-climbing wheelchairs are bringing mobility and accessibility to a new level. With that in mind, the Suncoast Center for Independent Living invites you to read on to learn about some of the best ways technology can help you overcome just about any disability, and enjoy a productive career.

Communication Is a Must, From Your Smartphone to iPad Apps

There are no two ways around it: Business in the modern world requires connectivity, so you’ll want to make sure you have a smartphone with relatively current specifications. Also, look for a phone with long-lasting battery life to be sure you’re never stranded without the use of your device. 

Look into the latest in cell phone chargers as well. Wireless chargers make re-juicing your phone that much easier — all you need to do is place the cell on the pad or in the cradle, no more fumbling around with cords or adaptors. Wireless chargers can even charge phones that are in their cases, granted the back of the case is no more than 3mm thick and there is no metal in the case. Many models offer fast-charging options.

Your data plan makes a big difference, too! Do your research on monthly phone plans that will provide you with coverage in your most well-traveled areas. Not every plan is the same, so you’ll want to be sure to know where your carrier’s weak spots are.

There are also a number of apps that you can install on your iPad or tablet to improve communication. One example is the Go To Meeting iPad app, which enables you to join, host or schedule meetings straight from your iPad. Being free to jump in on a last-minute conference call wherever you are is a huge convenience, as you don’t have to worry about hurrying back to the office at short notice.

Accessibility Is Key

Sometimes, it can be difficult to make yourself heard. Thankfully, a number of technological advancements have made it possible to communicate in a variety of modalities, depending on the nature of your specific needs. Many communication devices use speech-to-text technology, and some even allow for the input of text without a physical interface. Devices like the DynaVox EyeMax System use impressive technology that tracks eye movements to allow you to create a sentence, which is then played out loud to your counterpart.

Disabled World notes that another great way that tech can help with accessibility is through the use of something called a “personal navigation device.” These are basically miniature GPS units that simply use audible speech to keep you informed as to where you are and in which direction you’re headed. When used in conjunction with something like a cane or a seeing-eye dog, these devices can make it all but impossible to get lost as you move from place to place.

Mobility Is the Final Piece of the Puzzle

EZ Rampz points out that getting around is key when it comes to staying productive on a day-to-day basis. And while it’s worth noting that self-driving cars are on the horizon — and are sure to have a big, positive impact on the disabled community — it might be better to focus on what’s available right now. For moving from place to place, a good motorized scooter can make all the difference in the world, allowing you to get around quickly and efficiently.

Something like the iBOT Personal Mobility Device is also an interesting technological development, as it’s a newly-designed wheelchair that can go up and down stairs. 

When it comes to getting good work done, there’s no shortage of ways nifty apps and gadgets can make life easier. Whether it means helping you communicate from person to person, or allows you to travel from place to place, technology can be a great way to make the most out of your career.The Suncoast Center for Independent Living provides services to people with disabilities that allow them to enjoy a thriving independent life. Contact us today at (941) 351-9545.


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