M.R. is Grateful

M.R is a 42-year-old female with a physical disability and multiple disabilities. M.R contacted SCIL because she is in desperate need of food for sustainability. She and her son are currently homeless, but she has a place where she and her son can bathe, cook, and sleep at night. However, they have to pack up everything and leave very early each morning. After a few months, M.R found a part-time job and a stable housing. M.R is grateful with SCIL and All Faith Food for providing her, and her son food services during the toughest and unstable time of their life.


With all of our Services and Programs, written requests for accommodations, as required under the ADA, must be made within a minimum of  five days in advance to SCIL’s office.

Applying for Board Membership

SCIL welcomes new board members who bring a broad range of skill sets and with a passion for helping others. Click the link below to obtain a board application and email to ProgramDirector@SCIL4U.org for consideration. SCIL Board Application