M.R. Wins with SCIL

MR is a twenty-three-year-old youth consumer living with Schizophrenia. MR is one of five female siblings. Three of MR’s younger siblings are also living with schizophrenia. Although MR’s mother has some community supports in place, it has been especially challenging for MR to finish high school. MR stopped going to school due to intense mental health episodes and several hospitalizations. In recent years, MR shared with IL Specialist that she finally got the right medications at the right doses and has enrolled to complete her GED studies. MR was frustrated with using her cell phone because she and all of her siblings had to share one computer. IL Specialist reminded MR about SCIL’s computer loan program. MR was so happy that she screamed. IL Specialist provided MR with her very own laptop computer. Today, MR completed her GED studies and is now enrolled in Manatee Technical College.


With all of our Services and Programs, written requests for accommodations, as required under the ADA, must be made within a minimum of  five days in advance to SCIL’s office.

Applying for Board Membership

SCIL welcomes new board members who bring a broad range of skill sets and with a passion for helping others. Click the link below to obtain a board application and email to ProgramDirector@SCIL4U.org for consideration. SCIL Board Application